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Text Box: Aragorn AKA Strider
A ranger sent by Gandalf to help Frodo and the others reach Rivendel, Aragorn knows much about the lands of Middle earth. As an heir of Isildur he feels that it is his duty to help undo his ancestors grave mistake by joining the fellowship on their quest to destroy the ring. Known as Strider to the townsfolk of Bree, Aragorn has many names throughout the land. Also a close friend of Bilbo's who often helps him to complete his songs which he frequently performs to entertain the elves at Rivendell.     

Text Box: Boromir
Brave and noble, Boromir is sent to Rivendell to seek the council of Elrond in order to protect his homeland. After fighting the forces of darkness for years the increasing strength and numbers of enemies have finally brought Gondor under threat with its leader being propositioned for an alliance with Sauron. Boromir joins the fellowship hoping that he will be able to use the rings power to protect his people although the power of the ring distorts his judgement and leads him to a need to possess the ring.

Text Box: Legolas
Prince of the Wood Elves and son of the king of the woodland realm of Mirkwood, Legolas Greenleaf is a member of the Fellowship of the Ring. His skills with a bow and arrow prove to be invaluable in fighting the dark forces of Mordor that seek the ring. Originally sent from Mirkwood to report the escape of Gollum to Elrond, Legolas joins the Fellowship in order to help Frodo carry the great burden which has come to him.

Text Box: Gimli
Gimli, son of Gloin, is a bold and kind hearted dwarf who joins the Fellowship as they set out from Rivendell. Although his main priority is to protect the ring he is also extremely curious about the fate of the dwarves that ventured into the mines of khazad-dum almost two decades previously. A proud dwarf, Gimli is certain that the group continued mining within the mountains and prospered, although their fate is far more grim.  

Text Box: Arwen
The Elven princess and the last born of her people, Arwen is destined to leave Middle Earth to take the ships from the Grey Havens and sail to the Undying lands of the west. While this fate looms before her, she falls in love with Aragorn, a mortal man, and is then faced with the heart-wrenching choice to leave Middle-Earth with her people or forego her immortality for the man she loves

Text Box: Galadriel
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