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Under the Grill - Noel 2002


After a long absence, OASIS returned to the Pops, only for leader Noel Gallagher to find himself deep in conversation with TOTP. Here's what the Manc mouth had to say...

Q. You've said that your new lineup is the best career move that you've made, why is that?

NoelIn the past we've always been involved with pretty decent records, but we've often suffered from musicianship. Andy's a fantastic bass player, which makes Alan a better drummer. Gem's a better lead-guitarist than I'll ever be, so from a technical point of view it's better than it's ever been.

Q. Does it give you more space to write?

In the past I tended to take too much care over what was played on the record. Next time we get in the studio I'll just everybody do their own thing!

NoelQ. You've said that you'd be quite happy to let other band members write songs now. Did you mean it?

NoelIf they want to I won't say no, but I've never been short of material. It'd be great if everyone contributed something, because it would take things in a new direction and people wouldn't just say 'it's Noel Gallagher'. I wouldn't cast any of this in stone, but yeah, people are more than welcome to contribute stuff.

Q. Does it feel strange to be performing without Bonehead and Guigsy?

NoelTo be honest with you I don't remember much about the last time I performed with them because I was pretty much out of my head! The first time we played with Gem and Andy in Philadelphia it was a bit weird because I looked across the stage and they [Bonehead and Guigsy] weren't there, but you've just got to get on with it.