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Q Magazine

August 2000 by John Harris

Interview with Liam Gallagher in Milan Italy, 30 May 2000

How's it all going?

I think it's going to be really good man, compared to what's gone on. It's gonna be fucking great.
What did you think of Milan?
The spirit was there, you know what I mean? There was a few little bits and bobs that weren't right, but we've got that sorted. The spirit was there, and that.and that's what matters.

How did you feel before you went on?

I felt great, man. I knew what it was going to be like. It was,,going to be different. It was going to be harder, punkier, and it wasn't going,, be so professional. Which is not what l'm into at the moment. l'm not a professionalist. Fuck that. l'm in a rock'n'roll hand. And it's all got a bit too fuckin' professional for me, you know what I mean?

You quite like the fact that the band's gone a bit punkier?

Definitely, I think so, yeah. I think we're still the most important fuckin' band, but I think people are fuckin'... people are trying to put the finger on us now, and I don't like that. I like to keep moving.

Tell me about the rehearsals before Milan. Were they long, intensive sessions?

No, they weren't really. Matt had already started doing a bit with Gem. Gem was fucking great... Gem was in the room, rehearsing, 'cos he had to do Noel's bits. So they did a bit together. And then we had two run-throughs a day, for three days. They did it without me singing, and I sang on the last day. It was happening.

So is Gem in charge of the music now

[Offendedl No. No-one's in charge of anything...

But he makes sure Matt's parts are right...

Sort of. And l'm making sure Gem's parts are right, 'cos I know what it's like, you know what I mean'

How did Matt Deighton come to be in the group?

We were sitting there going, Right, what the fuck are we going to do here? I thought, l'm not going home to England, 'cos l'm not going to be able to get in the door, and once l'm in the door, l'm not going to be able to get out the fuckin' door, with the press and that, and that's no way to fuckin' live.
Marcus Russell, [Oasis manager] said, How about trying someone else? I thought, Fuck that, I can't be fuckin' arsed, and then I went, Well, who? And Alan come up with Matt.

Did you tell him to have a haircut and a shave?

No, he'd already done that. I quite liked the tache, me. L was prettv disappointed. I've always wanted to be onstage with someone with a 'tache.

Is the set going to change?

No, we're not going to get smart with it. We're going to stay the fuckin' same, man.

People are surprised you're not playing Little James.

Nah. I talked about it, pissed up, but fuck that, I can't be arsed. Just want to rock, man.

So, the big question. What happened with Noel?

Right. Well, that's personal... [Barely measurable pause] But we had an argument, you know what I mean? Alan had pulled a gig 'cos of his arm, so we were sat about all day, fucking drinking.

And all this bullshit about me just drinkng is bollocks. I have a lager, and he [Noel] his a lager, and he can drink more than me. I things were said, and as the day goes on, I was doing interviews, and I'm hearing this solo shit. It's bollocks... I don't want to be hearing about it. Just fucking do it and get it over and done with, but I don't want to hear about it.

I've got my family and I've got this band. And I don't need anything else. So for him to be committing to some solo thing pisses me off, because he should be just solid, thinking about this band. That is it. I don't think about anything else, except this hand, and me wife and me kids, and the people in this band. And he's fuckin' thinking about fuckin' solo albums. So we had a little barney. We had a little bit of a scrap, and he got his ball and ran home.

There was a bit of physical hoo-hah, then.

A little bit, yeah.

Had it been building up for a while?
Not really. I just don't want to hear about fuckin' solo fuckin' shit. I think its for losers, personally.

Do you still think that if Noel brings out a solo record that might mean the end of the group?

I don't know. We'll have to see, won't we. All I'm saying is, you're telling me if a guy does a solo record, and if it goes down really well, everyone's going, You're really great on your own - do vou think he's going to give me a bell and Whitey a bell', I don't think so. He's going to do another one.

Do you think there was also an element of Noel missing his baby?

Maybe that was there, veah. Maybe. I had some time with my kid but he went straight back on the road. But, you know, we've got plenty of money. He could fly 'em out, couldn't he? Or go and see them. I've got a family too, man. But I've got to work.

When did you last speak to Noel?

The day it happened.

So things between you aren't that great, all told.

They're terrible. Terrible.

How's your role changed? Do you feel a little bit more responsibility?

No. It's a group. A group. And I think it's never sounded better. Behind the scenes, l'm talkin' about. We're jamming in soundchecks, writing new stuff It's rocking.

Do you think you and Noel will make up?

Course we will. We're brothers.

And will he come back on the road in time?

Oh aye. Course he will.

If he did put out a solo record, what'd happen then?

I don't know. I'd have to hear it. You write one song about your wife and kids, and that's it, isn't it? You don't have to write 10 and put 'em on an album. That's gonna' be shit, isn't it?

There have been lots of stories about Patsy in the British press of late. Is she alright?

She's fine. Fine. And Lennon's fine. That's tabloidy bollocks, man.

So your marriage is still together?

Yeah. I'm fine. She's fine. The baby's fine.

When did you last speak?

To Patsy? [Pause] Why are you asking me that, you nosy bastard? No, today.

How are you feeling about these British gigs that are coming up?

I'm not thinking about them. I'm thinking about tonight and the gig. No, they'll be good. [Mischievously] We'll see what happens.

Obviously, Noel's back in for those gigs...

Yeah, well... if he turns up. [Smiling] Goalhanger...

Could Oasis carry on without him?

Yeah. There might be a couple of different heads in there, but yeah. This band is better than it's ever been, man. What we're getting together is great. We were going back into the studio in September but I don't know whether that's going to happen. We didn't cancel it. It wasn't even booked. But we were going to do it a bit rockier, a bit different. We're not a freeform jazz unit.